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Hello everyone!
Time has flown by like crazy. My last post is already exactly a month old. But a lot has happened since then. The first weeks of this year have been quite stressful. We had a lot to do at work and if you follow my graphic site you eventually already know that my colleague had the Corona Virus. I was very nervous because I was worried that I might have caught the virus too and I didn't want to pass it to the people I live with. But luckily all my test results were negative. My colleague is also feeling better by now. Somehow I felt out of energy all the time though and had to take things slow.
But despite all that I managed to finish a new website project of mine: my very first fan listing. It's a fanlisting for the Pokémon Sceptile. Sceptile has been my favourite Pokémon ever since the Ruby and Sapphire games came out. I wanted to create a fanlisting for a while now and feel very lucky that there was no fanlisting for this Pokémon at TAFL (The Anime Fanlistings - a collective for anime related fanlsitings) yet and that I was able to have it approved by them. If you like Sceptile too I would be happy if you could join my fanlisting. The only information needed for the registration are your Name/Nickname, eMail Adress and Country. (The eMail Adress won't be shown in your profile if you don't want it to be shown.)
Besides that something else exciting happened in January. Someone that I met through a friend at an anime convention a few years ago randomly contacted me on my social media and we happened to talk about websites. Since this person runs a small convention himself and didn't have a website for his convention yet he asked me to build one for them. I told him that I'm no professional at website creating and only do it as a hobby but he didn't mind. I love conventions so I was very hyped to build this website for him. At first everything went smoothly, I had the layout and the basic coding done quickly and he agreed that everything was fine at first. But then he showed the site to some of the other people who run the convention with him and they wanted things changed here and there and in a certain way. I underestimated how difficult it can be to build a website for someone else and to meet their expectations. My coding knowledge is very limited, I only know a little bit of HTML and CSS. At the moment I'm stuck at creating a mobile version for the website (haha mobile devices, my old enemy ). I have never done that before. It will be tricky for me but I will try to make it work. This is a good opportunity for me to learn something new. I already found some flaws in how I usually do my layouts and was able to fix it for that website and will consider that for future layouts for my own websites.
But before I continue to work on that site I'm planning to finally upload something to my graphic site. I already finished a few graphics which I will add to the site after this blog post. A new pixel set will follow as soon as possible too, but these take a very long time to create. I have this week off so I will see what I can get done, but I also plan to relax a lot (and play Animal Crossing on my new Nintendo Switch ) to get some energy back. I couldn't relax yet because in the last few days I had to get some things done first and I also had to help my sick grandma. But she is feeling better now.

Now to some topics related to this blog:
I changed the featured website in the "latest added" area to Jessica's website Sictaena Ethereal Goat. She is also the first person who got an award from me. You can check out the award in the "Awarding" section.
I also have my very first affiliate for this blog now: Suzy and her blog Redvelvet (linked on the heart symbol in the affi area). Thank you for the affi request.

That's all for todays blog post. I hope you all are doing good and I wish you a nice evening.

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Wednesday, 3rd February 2021 - comment?

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